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Youth unemployment remains one of the biggest problems in EU: over 6 million young people are currently unemployed [Eurostat], all these are youths at higher risk of being socially alienated and those who face obstacles on the way to transfer their capital into social capital of Europe.  

Nowadays, absolute priority of united Europe stands behind fighting youth unemployment and “making education and training more relevant to young people’s needs” [Youth on the Move].“EU4YOU” contributes to creating an environment that allows “to acquire and develop a mix of knowledge, skills and aptitudes youth need to succeed in the labor market” and “making education and training more relevant to young people’s needs” [Youth on the Move]. 

The project aims to develop innovative complementary pathways for boosting the employability of young people through social youth entrepreneurship and providing them with tools for cultural entrepreneurship in particular. The project will create synergy between partner organizations and explore cross-fertilization potential of consortium. The project contributes to achieving the objectives of the Europe 2020 Strategy, The Social Business Initiative, and Entrepreneurship 2020 Action Plan. 

The youth workers participating in mobility activities will enhance their knowledge on social entrepreneurship (SE), cultural entrepreneurship (CE), social innovation and learn how to use strategically creative arts for bridging the “Three C” of current-state society – culture, community, and commerce. The youth workers will act as multipliers bringing the knowledge to their local community and contributing to the toolkit content creation.

The young people participating in local workshops will gain crucial transversal skills and learn how to apply principles of project management to their creative ideas in practice, enhance own ability on creative and critical thinking, public speaking and ability to approach societal problems in a multi-disciplinary way extensively using own creative potential.



Youth Express Network

Y-E-N/R-E-J is non-governmental organisation with the vision to reach an inclusive society, where young people, their needs and participation are recognized, valued and appreciated.

Y-E-N/R-E-J is a European network of grass-root youth organisations that includes 33 member organisations in 24 different countries that all work at local, regional or European level on social inclusion of young people.

Y-E-N’s board is pan European (6 volunteers) and it’s coordination office is based in STRASBOURG, France (ti,5 paid-staff). The internal Pool of Trainers/Facilitators is composed of 47 youth & social workers who have voluntarily cooperated to the quality of our activities and to what is Y-E-N / R-E-J since 25 years: an inclusive network for young people.

Since 1993, Y-E-N has organised more than 100 international training courses, seminars, crossborder and mobility projects bringing together social/youth workers and young people with fewer opportunities.

Y-E-N has also conducted researches on youth and social related issues and has been trying to be the voice of young people with fewer opportunities in local, regional and international institutions, either by representing them or by supporting them to create and be part of youth councils. 

Iniciativas internacionales para la cooperación

International Initiatives for Cooperation (IIC) is a non-profit organisation that seeks to contribute to the development and strengthening of civil society and national culture through intercultural dialogue; citizen participation in activities of common interest focused
on local development; the promontory of non-formal education as a tool for achieving social cohesion and integration within a framework of intercultural and intercontinental understanding.

Our mission is to 
contribute to social and cultural development through the participation of citizens, especially young people, in both national and international projects that allow, through the exchange of experiences and ideas between people of different backgrounds and cultures, the solution's of issues that are a global

In addition to contribution to the development and strengthening of civic and spiritual values that rest on the principles of democracy, stimulating civic participation in social life and in the decision-making process, establishing relationships of respect for civil
rights and collective responsibilities.

Our values focus on respect for differences; mutual understanding and intercultural and intercontinental dialogue.

We seek to meet our objectives involve three main lines of work: International volunteers 
programmes, both short and medium and long term; International cooperation programmes with our partners abroad, through courses and seminars
abroad and implementation of local actions; Training courses locally on various topics of general interest.

Center for sustainable development studies

CSDS is a non-profit , non-government
organisation based in Hanoi, Vietnam with a
strong focus on developing the capacity of young people to effect change in society. Since our establishment and legal registration in 2009 we have successfully implemented a wide range of community projects to improve the livelihood, education and well-being of the Vietnamese people through sustainable development.


We work with youth and empower them through capacity building and civic engagement. We provide training on leadership, critical thinking, personal development, volunteer management and social entrepreneurship using a non-formal
educa3on approach that enhances personal
growth and social impact.

We intervene at the community level to improve
the livelihood of the poor, ensure children’s right to bever education and raise awareness on environment, water and sanitation issues.


Our projects range from building schools and
kindergartens for indigenous children, providing language and vocational training, educated on personal hygiene and school sanitation, providing micro credits for women and supporting community based ecotourism.

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Active Bulgarian Society

Active Bulgarian Society /ABS/ mainly focuses on cooperation with Bulgarian and foreign youth organisations to exchange experience in the field of education, culture, youth issues in the context of euro integration process, promote dialogue between young people from EU member states and candidate countries.

We work in the field of mobility learning such as organising and being partners in many training courses, youth exchanges, volunteer initiatives, active European citizenship activities, sport, cultural, social, seminars, conferences. 

ABS works mainly with youth workers, non- profit organizations, social workers and citizens from the European Union and the partner countries.

ABS is based in Blagoevgrad and we cooperate successfully with the public institutions, universities, other local and foreign NGOs mainly in the field of non-formal and informal education and active youth participation.

We organise projects on youth leadership, entrepreneurship, active citizenship, education through sport methodology, intercultural dialogue, management of human resources and others.

ABS has strong networking links with organisations from all around the globe.

« Active youth » association

“Active Youth” Association (Asociacija “Aktyvus
jaunimas”) is a non-profit organisation based in
Kaunas that unites young leaders from Lithuania willing to work on a voluntary basis to facilitate an intercultural dialogue and enhance competence of the European youth.


We cooperate with organisations of similar profile from all over Europe (more than 50 partnerships) to organised events and training's using non-formal education as a powerful instrument to encourage youth to take an active part in a society.


By doing this we help young people to improve their skills and social awareness, share experiences and ideas, integrate them within the multinational environment of the EU, facilitate cooperation, create new joint initiatives, increase their social awareness, and promote healthy lifestyle. In particular, we concentrate on youth (18-30 years old) that have fewer opportunities and/or disadvantaged

Generally, our aims are to: enhance entrepreneurial, social, leadership, communication skills, self-esteem, as well as multilingualism of youth through non-formal
education; help youth increase their social
awareness, be tolerant towards others, be aware of the persistent social and environmental problems and help solve them; educate youth workers and youth on how to join volunteering initiatives, cooperate with each other, and get employed more easily; organize joint campaigns, projects and activities, where young people and youth workers can get involved in an intercultural dialogue, be a part of the decision making process, develop the spirit of volunteerism,
facilitate youth cooperation and social values.

Brigada de Voluntarios Bolivarianos del Perú

BVBP is a national youth organization, which develops voluntary service activities at national level. It was created on 23 November 1982, as an Agreement following the 2nd encounter of mayors of the main cities of the Andean Pact (Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, Bolivia and Peru), in preparing the bicentennial commemoration of Simón Bolivars birth date.


Our national seat is in the city of Lima, with local branches in most regions of the country.
The main goals of the organization are to train youth leaders; To deliver services to the community as an answer by young people to the problems they are faced with and affected; To foster youth work as well as the integration of the youth sector in Peru; To promote active citizenship and a sense of responsibility among our members. 


The activities of the organization includes: Seminars and Training on leadership, personal development, youth participation, project management; Campaigns to enhance awareness about health, sexuality, ecology, education, drug prevention, etc; Generation of youth micro-enterprises.


We train young entrepreneurs to develop competence and skill development of young people; Social welfare: visits to hospitals, orphanages, homes of the elderly, shelters of children with HIV, vocational training, support to other welfare institutions, etc.; Cultural dissemination: artistic exhibitions, visits to museums, theaters, etc.; Exchange programs with national and international youth organizations; Recreation and use of free time (campings, strolls, internal tourism, etc.)


The Serres Business & Innovation Centre (BIC), has been founded in 1992 and started to operate in 199ti, as a result of the initiative of the Serres Chamber of Commerce & Industry. BIC has been co-financed (50%) by EC for the first ti0 months, ever since is self-sustained.

The main function of BIC is to promote Innovation and business development, including the creation of new enterprises, especially by young persons. It also supports all the extrovert activities, of both private firms and public entities. From the beginning BIC has been oriented in combining business development, especially if innovative, with the involvement of young persons.


BIC of Serres is welcoming young persons for counselling, mentoring and couching about their life expectations, in parallel with their education, training, skills, hobbies, and most of all their European “exposure”, achieved by working, studying or actively participating in European initiatives.

BIC also provides organisational services to other public entities (like the Chamber of Commerce, the Regional authorities, the Chamber of Economists and formal and vocational training organizations). BIC is working with «ad hoc» experts, listed in an approved «pool of experts» with 36 members in different areas of specialisation. 


Fundación SES is a social organization
created in Buenos Aires that is devoted to
prompting and developing different
strategies that strive for the inclusion of
teenagers and youngsters with fewer

What we do: We encourage and support
Sustainable Social and Educational
Development processes at the local level;
We participate in several national and
regional networks commived to youthrelated


We work in partnership with
other organisations, both at the national and
at the regional level, to implement actions
that promote the inclusion of the youth in
different areas and f rom different


We develop methodologies
and generate proposals that may have an
impact on youth-related public policies; We
work in the training of the youth and their
educators, so that they can exercise their
rights as citizens and become Social Actors;
We systematize and disseminate regional
practices of work with youth from different
social organisations.

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